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360 WondaSign – The 8th “Wonda” of the World


The WondaSign is somewhat of a unicorn in the event branding world. This mythical creature combines all the benefits of a Pull-Up Banner, with 360 degree visibility, lighting to add the wow-factor, lightweight, easy to setup and a range of versatile applications. We now live in a society with an ever-decreasing attention span, so it’s […]

Pull-Up Banners – The OG of event branding

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Pull-Up Banners are arguably the world’s most popular portable branding item and there are no prizes for guessing why. These versatile and cost-effective products allow anyone using them, to promote their products or services instantly whilst utilising very little space – making them the preferred brand awareness tool for any exhibition, retailer, product launch, promotion, […]

Branded Gazebos – A Versatile Event Must-Have

Branded Gazebos

Whether you’re looking to gain impressions for your brand, showcase a special promotion or you just want to maintain your brand’s presence in the market, Branded Gazebos offer a solution like no other. An expertly designed and printed Gazebo allows you to promote trust and foster engagement with potential customers, by advertising your value proposition […]

Ex-Star Tents – For Ex-Starordinary Brands

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Extraordinary brands, require (Ex-Star)ordinary branding. When it comes to providing shade at outdoor events, you don’t get more impressive than our range of Ex-Star tents. Our standard and Jumbo Ex-Stars create a unique and functional environment for your customers. Not only do they provide you and your customers with protection from the elements, but their […]

Event Inflatables – A Complete Guide

Event Inflatables

What are Event Inflatables? Event Inflatables for Innovative Brand Appeal Event Inflatables have the ability to bring out your inner child. With their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-like allure and larger than life presence, Event Inflatables are a great way to get people to engage with your brand at events. Brands are always looking for […]

Branded Umbrellas – We’ve Got Your Brand Covered

Branded Umbrellas 1

With Summer on the way and the adjusted Level 1 restrictions allowing for larger social gatherings, this can only mean one thing… Bring on outdoor events! Brands and perennial event-goers have been waiting for this moment for what feels like an eternity. A time where we can put the stresses of a manic work week […]

Ex-Up Banner – Your Brand’s “Little Black Dress”

Ex Up Banner

Ask any woman, and they’ll tell you about that “Little Black Dress”. That one dress that is just perfect for any special occasion and guaranteed to make you look incredible in. Well we feel like our Ex-Up Banner is our “Little Black Dress”. Our award-winning Ex-Up Banner is ideal for brands that have a busier […]

Pull-Up Banners – All the Thrills with none of the Fuss

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Pull-Up Banners are arguably the world’s most popular portable branding item. These versatile and cost-effective allows brands to promote their products and/or services virtually anywhere, and in a matter of seconds. EX-T & EX-T LITE PULL-UP BANNERS Branding Doesn’t get simpler than this. Our range of practical and easy-to-use Ex-T and Ex-T Lite Pull-Up Banners […]

A-Frame Banner – The Event G.O.A.T

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When it comes to outdoor sporting and promotional events, there’s no denying the effectiveness of our Pop-Up A-Frame Banner. Invented by yours truly back in 1997, our A-Frame Banners have dominated events for over 2 decades – living up to their title of “Greatest Of All Time”. Brands absolutely love how simple and versatile these […]