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Event Inflatables – A Complete Guide

What are Event Inflatables?

Event Inflatables for Innovative Brand Appeal

Event Inflatables have the ability to bring out your inner child. With their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-like allure and larger than life presence, Event Inflatables are a great way to get people to engage with your brand at events.

Brands are always looking for ways to find their niche and stay ahead of the curve. Event Inflatables create a visually stimulating experience that leaves a lasting impression, rather than having your brand get lost in the crowd.

Unlike heavy PVC inflatables, we manufacture ours using 280gsm polyester that’s lightweight, easy to setup and extremely durable. Our industry-leading dye-sublimation print technology ensures that your brand and design are on point every time. And for the piece de resistance, all our inflatables come with the option of including LED lighting to really make a statement at evening events.

Branded Inflatables have become one of the “must haves” for any product launch, activation or outdoor event and it’s not hard to justify their popularity. Their eye-catching one-of-a-kind designs, bring your brand to life and guaranteed to give your brand that added WOW factor.

Types of Event Inflatables?

Event Inflatables That Best Fit Your Needs

Branded Inflatables have become one of the “must haves” for any product launch, activation or outdoor event and it’s not hard to justify why they’re so popular. Their eye-catching one-of-a-kind designs, bring your brand to life and excite your senses more than any traditional event branding could ever.

At Expand a Sign, we offer an extensive range of inflatable arches which are ideal for race events. Hosting a brand activation? Our product replica and interactive inflatables are an ideal choice for brands wanting to create a truly memorable event experience.

Inflatable Arches

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach when it comes branding. Our extensive range of inflatables include standard arches, standalone arches, round arches and for brands really wanting to push the envelope, we can manufacture custom arches.

Product Replicas

There’s something special about seeing your brand come to life in giant form to make you feel all giddy like a new parent. From cans and bottles to brand mascots and logos, we manufacture it all. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Interactive Inflatables

Now, inflatables don’t have to be “static” and can utilised as part of your activation. From inflatable sports fields and goals to targets and mobile photo booths, we’ve seen it, done it and built an inflatable t-shirt (well not yet, but if you want one – we can make one).

Why You Should Consider Custom Inflatables At Your Next Event

‘Tis The Season for Custom Inflatables

The holiday event season is coming! While the holidays offer people a time to unwind and reconnect with family and friends, the event industry shifts into a new gear. In doing so, event coordinators and brand marketers are constantly trying to find new ways to stand out during the gauntlet of holidays – especially with how Covid has affected events over the past 2 years

Here’s a pretty compelling reason to consider a custom inflatable for your next event:

Your target audience is attending an outdoor festival and they’re presented with 2 brand setups, both promoting products they have no previous connection with. The one has a basic setup with printed banners, umbrellas, etc and your brand has gone with a similar approach, yet you’ve included a giant inflatable replica of one of one of your products and an interactive soccer goal shoot-out where customers stand a chance to win freebies. Which setup do you think will be drawing the biggest crowd?

Which Event Inflatable Will Work For My Brand

Interactive vs Functional

With Covid and the resulting lockdowns all but killing the events industry, brands must ensure that they maximise every possible opportunity to get their brand out there.

Now brand exposure is so much more than just having a presence. It’s about being creative and leaving a positive and memorable impression with your customer.

By working in an engaging element into your brand’s product launch or activation, which allows customers to interact with your brand instead of just taking a glance as they walk on by, you’re creating an emotional connection between your customer and your brand – this is something that we as marketers always strive for. This emotional connection is what turns a customer into an advocate for your brand.

Now, outdoor sporting events are engaging on their own so the need for interactive inflatables isn’t something the event organisers see as a priority for their setup. For them, it’s all about function over features.

This is where our range of Inflatable Arches and Sports Fields steal the show. No race event is complete without an Inflatable START/FINISH Arch. These arches can take your event from a casual runner on the weekends to a serious event on the race calendar. From standard Inflatable Arches to Custom designs, we can tailor-make a solution that best suits your brand’s image and event requirements.

Inflatable Sports Fields are ideal for brand activations that are planned for multiple venues over your event season. The simplicity of setting up your mobile sports arena in mere minutes to packing it away and moving onto your next event, takes away many logistical nightmares associated with securing sports venues in multiple locations.