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The Spirit of Ubuntu – Stronger Together


Wow, what a year last week was! Starting Sunday evening, we were greeted with the usual bad news at our “Family Meeting” and prepared ourselves for another couple of weeks under level 4.3.1 version 3 of lockdown, but jokes aside, no one could predict the devastation that followed come Monday morning. CHAOS ENSUED For whatever […]

ECO Bricks – Keep the sea plastic free

ECO Brick

Happy level 4, wave 3, stage “who knows anymore”? Last week’s “family meeting” left us all feeling a little defeated and rightly so. Life was seemingly heading back to some form of normality. Playing sport, small social gatherings with friends and family, as well as regular load shedding – only for us to be reprimanded […]

House of Canvex – Sustainable Textiles for the Future

Sustainable Textiles

At Expand a Sign, sustainability is a fundamental part of our brand’s DNA. It is something that we as a team are extremely passionate about and we’re constantly pioneering new ways in which sustainability remains at the forefront of our supply chain and product development. Environmental sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, and ethical […]

Sustainability – Support your local china

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At Expand a Sign, sustainability is close to our hearts. It is something that we as a team, are extremely passionate about and we’re constantly discovering new ways in which we can improve our supply chain, whilst ensuring that sustainability remains at the forefront of everything we do. WHERE OUR SUSTAINABLE JOURNEY BEGAN 4 years […]

Sustainable Branding

Sustainable Branding

During the Covid pandemic, many businesses and entrepreneurs have been forced to do business differently in what is now considered the “new normal”. From switching face-to-face meetings to Zoom calls and hosting virtual events in lieu of physical ones, the foreseeable business and events landscape is very different from what we envisaged at the start […]

Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2019

Best Global Brands 2

Interbrand has released their 20th annual Best Global Brands report for 2019 which calls to the forefront the top 100 most valuable global brands based on their Best Global Brands methodology – the first brand valuation method to become ISO certified. It comes as no real surprise that Expand a Sign has worked with the […]

Recycled Fabric Face Masks

Recycled Fabric Mask Blog Header

At Expand a Sign, we don’t do average. We’re constantly looking at ways in which we can push the boundaries and continue to pioneer the portable branding industry in South Africa. However, portable branding and events have had to take a back seat for the moment, while the world finds ways to combat an invisible […]

The New Normal

The New Normal

As our lockdown restrictions start easing up from level 4 to level 3 and more industries start coming back online, we as employees and employers find ourselves in a very anxious position, as we try to navigate through this unchartered territory known as the “new normal”. So, what does this new normal look like? Well […]

Face Masks – Prevention is Better than Cure

Face Masks

Covid-19, sounds like the title of a Hollywood blockbuster starring the Rock and usually these movies only affect the USA. Unfortunately, this is no movie and we all have a role to play in this very real blockbuster. No one was prepared for this virus and its effects will transcend way past the 21-day lockdown. […]