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ECO Bricks – Keep the sea plastic free

ECO Brick

Happy level 4, wave 3, stage “who knows anymore”? Last week’s “family meeting” left us all feeling a little defeated and rightly so. Life was seemingly heading back to some form of normality. Playing sport, small social gatherings with friends and family, as well as regular load shedding – only for us to be reprimanded […]

House of Canvex – Sustainable Textiles for the Future

Sustainable Textiles

At Expand a Sign, sustainability is a fundamental part of our brand’s DNA. It is something that we as a team are extremely passionate about and we’re constantly pioneering new ways in which sustainability remains at the forefront of our supply chain and product development. Environmental sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, and ethical […]

Sustainability – Support your local china

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At Expand a Sign, sustainability is close to our hearts. It is something that we as a team, are extremely passionate about and we’re constantly discovering new ways in which we can improve our supply chain, whilst ensuring that sustainability remains at the forefront of everything we do. WHERE OUR SUSTAINABLE JOURNEY BEGAN 4 years […]

Sustainable Branding

Sustainable Branding

During the Covid pandemic, many businesses and entrepreneurs have been forced to do business differently in what is now considered the “new normal”. From switching face-to-face meetings to Zoom calls and hosting virtual events in lieu of physical ones, the foreseeable business and events landscape is very different from what we envisaged at the start […]

A new era for Uzwelo bags and recycled plastic bottles

Felt Bags Featured

A study was done and found between 4.8 and 12.7 million metric tons of plastic material ends up in the oceans every year. The amount of plastic pollution to enter the ocean each year will massively increase by 2025. It takes decades for a simple plastic bottle to breakdown in the ocean. When it does, it […]

A Heartwarming Inchanga School bag handover by Uzwelo Bags and Corporates

Inchanga School Bags Featured

The 10th of May marked another great day out for Uzwelo and the corporate sponsors that have supported our school bag initiative. The Uzwelo took a short road trip p to a beautiful village called Inchanga, which is located approximately halfway between Durban and Pietermaritzburg to do another emotional school bag handout. It was not […]

Uzwelo Bags Showcase at the Husqvarna Classic – Mid-illovo Challenge

Husqvarna Featured

The Uzwelo boys in grey, brown and yellow were at it again. This time taking the brunt of the winter morning kiss at 5am, to travel 91.5 km to watch middle aged men in tights, peddling away at the beautiful terrain of the KwaZulu-Natal hills to earn the title of the Husqvarna Classic 2019 – […]