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A Heartwarming Inchanga School bag handover by Uzwelo Bags and Corporates

Inchanga School Bags Featured

The 10th of May marked another great day out for Uzwelo and the corporate sponsors that have supported our school bag initiative. The Uzwelo took a short road trip p to a beautiful village called Inchanga, which is located approximately halfway between Durban and Pietermaritzburg to do another emotional school bag handout. It was not the first time Uzwelo had made this trip up to Inchanga however, every time we go up there it always seems like it’s the first time. The experience of handing a child a bag that will help them carry their schooling instruments, as well as help them attend school even in bad weather conditions is like none other. The excitement they had on their faces along with those bright smiles once the bag was in hand, was truly amazing to witness.

Inchanga School Bags
Inchanga School Bags

The kids were absolutely incredible. You can’t simply visit a village and not experience a Zulu dance show. In the Zulu culture when one performs a Zulu dance, it’s an offering of appreciation and celebration all in one. With one to a series of strikes of the foot to the ground and a heartfelt song. In this context, it was to express gratitude which just melts the heart. Needless to say, Uzwelo and the sponsors who were in attendance, were spoiled to a beautiful song and dance by the kids.

Inchanga School Bags

We would like to thank our corporate sponsors:

  • Global z Data
  • Flamite
  • Govco
  • Cloud29
  • Mentor shipping Agency

Who attended the handout and those that couldn’t we hope to see you in our next handout.

In total we were able to handout 268 Beautiful Uzwelo School bags.