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Our WondaSign is so Wonderful!


Our WondaSign is so Wonderful.

Do you know what really gets my goat? Well. Nothing, as I don’t literally own a goat. But let’s say I did. What would get it (metaphorically), would be false advertising. You know the type; It’s a mind-bendingly sweltering hot day and all the rake-thin model on my TV screen needs is an ice-cold sugar-free carbonated beverage. Upon cracking open said drink, suddenly the colours are sharper, her skin is aglow, and a bronzed uber manly man appears by her side in a misty haze.

I survive almost solely on the aspartame-filled stuff. And not one of the above has ever materialised when I glugged it down. Maybe mine were all duds, but I still don’t believe it…

Which gets me to question whether what we’re buying will actually do exactly what it says on the tin. And I don’t mean when you check out some Facebook profile picture with a real hottie’s head shot and think, ‘Naaaice!’ only to then get emailed the pre and post-cropped and photoshopped pictures, just to find out that this woman is the reason ‘Your Mama’ jokes were first created.

What I mean is, are the promises advertised by the seller going to be fulfilled? I’ll take the Expand a Sign WondaSign as an example. As an evolution of the traditional banner stand, we guarantee that your branding can be seen at 360°. With the option of illuminating your WondaSign from within, we also assure you that ‘added branding experience’. Expand a Sign promise that the WondaSign offers many uses; as a exhibition stand, for presentations and displays, and is an adaptable, expanding and interchangeable branding solution. And WondaSigns can be purchased in both round and elliptical shapes, and as a large 2m or a smaller 1.05m tall. We’re super considerate to your different branding needs, I know.

Quite a lot to boast about, eh? But then we upped the ante by creating the WondaSign WondaWall. The WondaWall can be used as dual-purpose branding and a separator device. At a trade show and need to divide your area from the guys to your right/left/back/all 3? With a top and bottom rod that are connected to a pair of WondaSigns at 3m apart, the wall can be used for both branding, and to create an enclosed space.

Before we start bragging about how easy it is to assemble and fold away (oops, too late), that the fabric can be changed to update your branding message, and that your WondaSign is supplied in a beeeeautiful carry bag (black. Very in right now), why doesn’t one of our sales team come and offer you a product demonstration? You can then see for yourself if the Expand a Sign WondaSign and WondaWall are all that we boast them to be.

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