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Social Media – not just a place for selfies…

Just like you, your brand has a personality and now more than ever, social media has become an integral part of your brand’s identity. Not only does it drive awareness but it’s a great way to build trust and loyalty through engagement. There’s no cookie-cutter approach to this… Every brand is different and so is their strategy but one thing is for sure – social media is an effective way to build your brand.

Identify Your Audience

With more social media platforms than we know what to do with, we’re a little spoiled for choice. However, not every choice is a good fit for your brand – so how do you choose?
The below infographic puts the top 5 platforms into a little more perspective.

Social Media Stats 1


Your social media page may have more followers than Justin Bieber but if you’re not engaging with your audience, you’re sitting with a solid gold Lamborghini. Beautiful to look at but pretty much useless.

What is engagement you might ask? Well in social media terms, it’s simply the interaction between a brand and your audience in the form of likes, comments, shares, retweets and URL clicks – just to name a few.

Be Relevant

To stand out from your competition, you must keep your content interesting, relevant to your brand and most importantly… relevant to your audience.
Facebook gives you the ability to target posts to particular segments of your fans thus giving you even further control. No more shotgun tactics!

Content is King

Every piece of content you share should support your brand’s image. Visual content resonates perfectly on social media and will often receive twice as many views as opposed to text only posts. Whereas blog posts show your audience that you’re invested in creating a high-quality brand – as long as it enriches the people that read it.