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Pull my Finger

Expand a Sign are the pioneers of branding, having manufactured the first flag that was planted on the surface of the moon. With a plethora of memorable occasions and accolades as credit to our superior print quality, it is no surprise that Expand a Sign truly do provide a World of Branding Solutions.

The unveiling of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris World Exposition in 1889? Yep, we did that. Expand a Sign-printed hieroglyphic scrolls were unearthed within Egyptian King Tutankhamun’s tomb back in 1922, and are estimated to date back to 1333BC. That white flag raised to signal a truce on Christmas of 1914 during World War 1? All us.

Being April 1st, you can make up your own mind to the validity of the above statements. What is undeniably true, though, is that Expand a Sign is a world leader in portable branding solutions. Our Flying Banners have endured the Polar Challenge in icy Arctic conditions (true), our branding has featured during the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa (true), we have a diverse range of distinctive, advanced and patented products (true), and our company intern employees are primarily made up of Swedish exchange students (meh. not so true).

Remember, though, that which is genuinely correct: A good brand is a timeline of stories that are always being told. You’d be a fool not to invest in yours.

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