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Mother Nature’s Hand


The Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde once penned that conversations about the weather were the last refuge of the unimaginative. He evidently isn’t alive right now; two weeks into 2014 and the world has already witnessed some of the wildest weather of recent times. The icy polar vortex has spread it’s frosty girth along Canada and plunged almost all of the USA into below freezing temperatures. Niagara Falls is even freezing over – check this! Heavy persistent downpours and gusts have caused chaos in the United Kingdom. Tidal storm surges have battered, buffeted and beaten up the shorelines of much of Britain’s coast, in what has been described as the worst flooding in decades. Australia rang in the new year with a record-breaking heatwave that has enveloped most of the country over the last few weeks, smashing temperature records. Parts of inland Aus have reached 50’c and severe fire warnings have been prompted by this sweltering climate.

South Africa also experiences its share of bizarre atmospheric conditions (snow in Joburg?!), but generally our largest 3 cities are known for their 3 distinctive characteristics; Durban is hot and humid, Cape Town blows a gale, and in Summer Johannesburg likes to show off with giant afternoon thunderstorms followed by hail stones the size of golf balls.

But life must go on, and we can’t always permit the weather to dictate every event and occasion. Like with a recent 5 day cycle race in the Western Cape of SA, a top bicycle manufacturer had opted to brand the event with multiple Expand a Sign Feather BannersWing Banners and Gazebos. A windy tirade unleashed itself during the race and Mother Nature’s vandalism on all of the banners and branding was severe. Resembling a scrap heap of fibreglass and aluminium, the Expand a Sign Cape Town team swooped in to recover their portion of the wounded branding. Upon closer inspection back at Expand a Sign CT, our products had come off lightly with only fairly minor damage to Gazebo hardware, and a lot of muddled up banners that needed neatening and repacking. Taking just a few days to repair and restore, the customer was presented with their rehabilitated products by the end of the week – at no charge. Our hardware warranty means that your investment will be repaired free of charge (Naturally, terms and conditions do apply).

You mightn’t be able to bet on the weather, but there’s always a 100% chance of customer service and after-sale care at Expand a Sign.


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