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More Than Just an Outdoor Event

Summer in South Africa is a great season for outdoor events. Whether it’s a sporting event along the coast or a music festival inland, we love attending or hosting events this time of the year. If you’re planning to host or sponsor an event this summer, Expand a Sign have 3 handy tips to help you make yours a memorable one.


Probably the most important aspect for any outdoor event is shade. Our South African summers are notoriously hot and relentless so ensuring that event goers have suitable shade is a top priority.

When deciding on the type of shade you require, keep in mind how much space you have and its’ purpose (other than shade). Gazebos and Ex-Domes can be used as food stations, merchandise retailers and versatile enough to add panels on the back and sides to create walls should you require something more private – like changing rooms or a First Aid tent.

If you’re looking for something more open, you should definitely consider an Ex-Star. I mean look at it, this thing is awesome The larger footprint allows for more people to fit inside and the open walls are great for allowing people to flow in and out. Perfect for VIP areas or drink stations.

Our wide range of umbrellas are perfect for seated areas where patrons can escape the heat whilst enjoying their drinks and meals.

Branded Displays

Whether you’re organizing and hosting the event itself or acting as a sponsor, you know how important it is to get your brand noticed at an event. Outdoor events mean you have to create the environment from the ground up and it’s essential that your displays compliment your event as opposed to overwhelming the design! Make sure that when you’re designing the layout, you incorporate your brand into the design and bring it to life to create a unique and memorable experience.

Pop Up Banners are a great way to display your brand and event sponsors. From A-Frames to Towers and Promo Shops. These can be used in different ways all around your event to demarcate areas or simply for brand presence. Their versatility makes them a great investment and they’re one of the most popular ways to make your brand part of all the action.

Flying, Feather and Wing Banners are another way to add design to functionality at outdoor events. From general branding purposes to course markers, these high-flying banners are just as versatile as the Pop Up Banners and equally as eye-catching.

Event Bins are as versatile as they come and another great way to display your logo and maintain consistent branding throughout your event. Use them along race routes for easy distribution of water bottles to athletes or around the event to hand out promotional items to spectators! These bins can also double as trash disposal units if you want something more appealing than ugly plastic garbage bags scattered all over your event.


When you’re organising a large event, you need a way to guide spectators and/or athletes. Banners, Gazebos and Tents can certainly help but nothing stands out from a crowd of event goers quite like a giant inflatable.

Use a giant arch at a finish line or at event entrances, or place giant versions of your logo or products around to create a truly branded environment and memorable experience.

Planning a fantastic outdoor event is all about the energy and atmosphere you create for customers. When deciding how you’re going to set up your next outdoor event, find ways to integrate your brand and sponsors in ways that are engaging, functional, and fun!