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Where we lead, others follow


True innovation is coming up with products that our customers didn’t even know they needed.

At Expand a Sign, Innovation is in our DNA and this statement epitomises our vision as individuals and as a brand.

When we invented (yes, invented) the Flying Banner or like the industry likes to call them, Teardrop Banners/Flags – there wasn’t a need for it or at least this was the perception at the time. 18 years on and it’s one of the most popular products in the portable branding industry.

Since then, we’ve developed a host of “Original Expand a Sign Products” including the Ex-Dome, Flexi-Disc, 360º WondaSign, Acacia Flex Umbrella, Ex-Up and Flexi-Disc. All these products have revolutionised the way we do branding. Not to mention our bespoke banners and inflatables that continue to wow even us at times – and we’ve pretty much seen and done it all (not sure where the t-shirt is though).

Which brings me to the crescendo. DUN DUN DUUUUN!!! (Dramatic Sound Effect).

Not since the Flying Banner have we been this excited about an innovation. I mean people here are literally running around like cats do when it’s raining outside, trying to contain our excitement.

Ladies and Gentlemen: We give you NEXT LEVEL BRANDING (ooh that sounds cool).

MEBU or for those of you that don’t speak Chinese… Mobile Electronic Branding Unit.

MEBU is a truly unique innovation in advertising space from Expand a Sign which is attention snatching, portable, easy to operate and allows your brand to appear anywhere at any time.

MEBU Facts

You see, we’re not about conforming to the norm and neither should your branding.