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Giant and Custom Inflatables


Giant branded Inflatables offer an almost Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-like allure towards brands, by creating a visually stimulating experience and exciting your senses.

Branded Inflatables have become one of the “must haves” for any product launch, activation or outdoor event and it’s not hard to justify their popularity. Their eye-catching one-of-a-kind designs, bring your brand to life and guaranteed to give your brand that added WOW factor.

Gone are the days where traditional advertising will cut the mustard. We as consumers have become immune and overwhelmed by brands utilising stock-standard event branding which somewhat gets lost in the crowd. By no means are we trashing these traditional marketing mediums but rather encouraging brands to push the limits to make events as good as they can be. Brand exposure is more than just having a presence. It’s about creating a positive, memorable experience for your customers.

Let’s play out this scenario… You’re at a beer festival and see 2 beer gardens, both promoting brands you have no previous connection with. The one has a basic setup with printed banners, umbrellas, etc and the other has gone with a similar approach, yet they’ve included a giant inflatable replica of one of their beers and a soccer goal shoot-out where customers stand a chance to win free beer.

No point in asking which one you’ll choose, so let’s move on and marvel in the world of our amazing giant and custom inflatables.

Planning an event? Expand a Sign has got your golden ticket. From Start/Finish Arches and interactive Inflatables to Product Replicas and bespoke inflatables, your next event is only limited by your imagination.

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