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Why fit in, when we were born to stand out…

At Expand a Sign, we’re all about innovation… whether it’s our products or simply how we do things, innovation has and always will be the core essence of our business.

We recently launched our 6 values through a video campaign whereby each of our sales teams across the country were encouraged to share which of the 6 values meant the most to them, then proceed to tag another employee to keep the chain going. We will admit, this is something that has been done before (such as the “Ice Bucket Challenge” via Facebook) but this idea helped to truly catapult the way we recruit future Expand a Sign employees into the next level.

One of our 6 values is “Creativity” and Expand a Sign Marketing Manager – Kirsty Fonzari, had one of her creative ‘light bulb’ moments and decided that we should advertise our vacancy for a Marketing Co-ordinator via a viral video as opposed to uploading a written job spec to various online employment portals and/or agencies. Applicants are required to submit their applications via video allowing us to identify their personalities, which traditional CVs fail to illustrate. In our business it is essential to recruit people who share common values and personalities and being able to identify these key attributes through a video CV allows us to shortlist the right type of candidate for the position, saving us time. Today’s digital aptitude is essential in Marketing, therefore if candidates are not able to submit a video this will illustrate that they do not have the correct skill set to apply for this particular position.

We are thrilled with the responses to date and are encouraged to see applicants using their initiative and embracing the Expand a Sign out-the-box creativity.

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