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Expand a Sign – Brand Superheroes

Brand Superheroes

We’re living in an age of superhero movies. From Spiderman to Thor and Superman to Wonder Woman, people of all ages have been following their stories intently for the most part of 2 decades now.

With every superhero, there’s inevitably an origin story which is told – a background into how they became our beloved hero.

We like to think of ourselves as somewhat branding superheroes. Taking everyday brands and turning them into their very own brand heroes. As with the premise with most of these movies, we too are faced with our own villains – in the form of cheap, poor quality branding that doesn’t do your brand any justice.

Before I get carried away with all these superhero analogies, here’s our origin story.

EAS Story scaled 1

We are really proud of what we’ve been able to achieve over these years, along with all the amazing brands that we’ve had the honour of working with and still do to this day.

Here’s to 2021 and beyond.