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Emotional Quotient


My father is a wise man and once told me the following. ‘IQ is knowing that tomato is a fruit. EQ is knowing not to place it in a fruit salad.’

EQ or Emotional Quotient is the ability to identify, assess and control the emotions within oneself, others and groups. Emotional intelligence forms the basis for all successful relationships – be it in the boardroom, classroom or at home. Without interpersonal skills and basic emotional competencies, individuals and teams will find it hard to compete in this ever-changing world and economy. Where previously IQ was seen as the barometer of success, EQ has now been proven to be a more successful determinant and unlike IQ, is highly trainable. Recently, Expand a Sign sent our Managers on an EQ training workshop. Understanding that leaders don’t create followers; they create new leaders, we encourage our management to navigate their captaincy wisely.  Each person had their own personal motivation for attending, ranging from improving their connection with others to having better self management skills and understanding emotional triggers and patterns, increasing effectiveness and leadership skills. Over the two days, an amazing trust and rapport grew between the delegates which provided them with a solid platform for their own personal insights, growth and development. 

Another pearler from my dad has been, ‘Control your emotion or your emotion will control you.’ Which destroys my standard nag to my partner of, ‘I can’t help it. It’s just how I feel’. Being able to self-regulate your feelings to changing circumstances is important. The emotionally intelligent person will harness emotions, both positive and negative, and manage them to achieve intended goals.

If this is all a little bland, take a moment to take this EQ test for yourself. Are you Rainman or Yoda?

A  final gem from my father is, ‘Negative feelings are wasted emotions. Half of the people you’re vexed by don’t notice and the other half don’t care.’


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