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Design an Expand a Sign Flying Banner and WIN!

Everyone holds the potential to express themselves through creativity. Sure, not all of us will have our masterpieces displayed at the Louvre or Tate Modern, but we are all capable of producing something that is both original and worthwhile. I like to write, perhaps you prefer uncovering solutions, producing musical compositions, or more.

At Expand a Sign, we encourage the creative beast within our staff, our customers and our agencies. Whether challenging a supplier to research and develop an improvement on the ground stake, or calling on our employees to devise methods of cost-cutting and time saving within their departments, we are always urging both ourselves and others to be original, expressive and imaginative.

And not wishing to exclude our customers and social media fans, we recently launched a new Imagine Campaign. Expand a Sign called on all creatives with the know-how and artistic ability to unleash your own style of madness onto a PDF template of our signature product, the teardrop-shaped Flying Banner . Using the appropriate graphic design software to splash your personal stamp of artistry and skill, we hope to receive some Flying Banner designs that are a bit bananas but seriously spectacular. Splotches, stars, flowers, twirly whirly patterns of crazy; whatever genre and version of imagination that lurks in your creative mind – we want that! Break free from the monotony of corporate identities and send us your individual offering of imagination. The winner will not only receive their own artwork printed onto a Small Flying Banner (Small = 2.2m, so technically it’ll be taller than you!) but also a new iPad mini!

With an additional 2 weeks added to the competition, and all entrants’ designers required by Thursday 19th September, best you get a-scribblin’! You can find our Flying Banner template to work off here, and we ask you to please email your completed pictures of perfection to imagine@expandasign.net by 19th September, or dropbox your file to the same email address. And don’t forget to ‘like’ us on https://www.facebook.com/ExpandaSignSA as this the first prerequisite when entering.

Good luck – may the best, most beautiful banner win!