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Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.

Imagine buying your dream car and being able to change its colour as you pleased without incurring a dent on your wallet (I just looked – a Ferrari 458 Italia respray will set you back between R70 000 – R160 400, incl. paint and labour. Cha Ching!). Expand a Sign products are a bit like the luxury vehicles of the branding world, yet with the same amount of care and thought given to practicality as with technical specs.

At Expand a Sign, we manufacture our hardware to last. By investing in an Expand a Sign creation, you are laying the foundation for the advertising of your brand. With Ex-T Bannerstand frames that have lasted 10 seasons of use within a popular National wholesaler, our items have proven to be robust and durable. And changing your promotion or campaign is both simple and cost-effective; Expand a Sign offers reskinning (new print, new fabric, new look!) on almost all of our branding products. This can be done year after year, quickly and at an affordable price. We always provide easy instructions on how to interchange the fabric skins of your Ex-T and Ex-Roll BannerstandsGazebos and Ex-DomesEx-Up A-FramesEx-Shade Umbrellas, and more. If you’d prefer special treatment for the VIP customer that you are, you are welcome to bring your products to us and we will gladly swap out your new skins for you.

Many of our branding wares are designed with adjustability and change in mind. The Ex-Up can stand either horizontally or vertically and used as an A-Frame or a Tower. A little word we like to call versatile! The new WondaSign is an epic evolution in adaptable, interchangeable branding solutions. The WondaSigns are multi-use in that they can be set up as stand alone promotion tables, 360’ Bannerstands or as a WondaSign system for indoor exhibitions. An improvement on an old design, the Ex-Shade Umbrella frame is devised for use with or without a valance (that decorative drapery attached to the canopy).

Need some updated fabric skins for your Flying Banners? BOOM – sorted! Do those Ex-Discs require a branding facelift? BAM – done! Does your Bannerwall call for a new print? KAPOW – it’s happening!

So we’re confident that, unlike luxury cars, Expand a Sign products certainly don’t devalue once you’ve taken them off the showroom floor.


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