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Caring For Your Products

The longevity of your branding depends on the colour, as well as the environmental factors such as: pollution, sunshine, wind and rain.

  • Always ensure that your products are set up with a 360 degree all-round clearing, so that they do not rub against walls, plants/trees, street lights, fixed signs, etc.
  • Always remember to tie down products that need to be tethered.
  • To increase the life-span of your branding, take it down at night and during windy conditions where the windspeed exceeds 30 km/h.
  • Remember: colours lasts longer in the shade.
  • If the branding is used on a daily basis, we recommend cleaning them once a month.
  • Clean your branding with warm, soapy water.
  • In the case of rain and condensation, be sure to dry the branding before packing it away.
  • Also ensure that the bag is dry and free of any dirt or objects that may damage the fabric.