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Branding a Golf Day, the right way…

A golf day is great for building strong bonds quickly. Branding a hole will add a finishing touch and a professional look to your corporate golf day. But engaging with your customers means more than plastering a venue or event with your company logo. Event branding is about getting consumers emotionally involved with your product or service. Its about igniting a bond between your brand and your target consumer. It’s about getting results.

The keyword is Planning
You need to leave a reasonable amount of time to allow for planning the branding of your sponsored hole at a golf day. Failure to plan will place stress and strain on both yourself and the organisers and might result in an sparse advertising at your golf event which would be an almighty shame.

Be Cool
Will you be distributing water (or beer. Alright, only beer) to the golfers at your sponsored hole? If so, you will need shade cover. Nobody wants to crack open a warm beer, especially after traipsing the first 9. A branded gazebo or parasol umbrella is ideal for keeping yourself and your belongings cool and safe from the elements. They also provide cover if it rains. Perhaps not ideal during a lightning storm, however. A branded tablethrow adds a classy touch to any outdoor counter, too.

Biggest Impact for your Buck
An army of 50 Large Flying Banners planted into the earth along the fairway and towards the green – impressive, but not always viable within a smaller budget. Instead, choose where you would best want your brand seen. The NEW Flexi-Discs are perfect to stake into the ground by a tee-box, where they will be noticed by the players as they take their tee shot. Pin and Golf Cart flags are also a cool and cost-effective way to customise and brand a course.

Safety First
Always ensure that underground irrigation pipes and electrical wires aren’t hit whilst hammering ground stakes and gazebo anchors into the grass. Expensive to repair, and electrocution is never a good look. Also, always remember to keep yourself and your branding clear of the players along the course. There is little worse than an irritable golfer who cannot see the cup or pin from the fairway, and little more painful than a golf ball to the head because you weren’t paying attention to the incoming of a dimpled white death trap.

The above are our basics to avoid double-bogeying the branding of your branded golf hole. If you’d like to discuss your specific needs, chat to one of our sales team on 0860 744 688 or fill out this online form and we’ll get back to you.

Cheers, Expand a Sign

Important Notice

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