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Branding Activations done right…

At Expand a Sign we not only provide our customers with industry leading products for their events but also offer our expertise on how to maximise their brand’s visual presence.

In a world cluttered with meaningless content, trying to stand out is even more relevant than ever. Brands primarily use activations as a means of “cutting through the noise” so to speak but at Expand a Sign, we’re all about making a noise to help your brand do the same.

Recently we embarked on an ambitious convoy of branded vehicles from Durban to Umhlanga, to showcase our s**t hot branded vehicles and to show our customers how effective and effortless a visual presence can be through tactical experiential marketing.

Brand activations are focused at bringing your brand to life and if done effectively can evoke a positive emotional link to your brand, product or service. Through our recent brand activation, we’ve shown that this can be achieved with a little strategic planning, a bit of co-ordination and a constant flow of cappuccinos to keep our minions going. The response we got from the general public was exactly what we had aimed for… we turned heads, got people talking and definitely created a stir.

What have you done to turn heads?