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A business without a sign, is a sign of no business…

Why is marketing often seen as a grudge purchase? It may simply be because we do not get that instant feeling of return. When you buy a product for example, someone hands you something and you feel justified in spending your money. Yet many view marketing as something you throw money at and hope for a return. There is a common saying: “only 50% of marketing works but we just do not know which 50%!”

Let’s face it… We’re wrong!
We all know marketing needs to be done consistently. If not, your opposition will be seen and not YOU. Business without a sign, is a sign of no business after all!
With some thought, marketing can be very cost effective and show fast returns. One of the most effective marketing tools is word of mouth – having people talk about you (ideally good stuff) is extremely powerful. However, people have short memories so you need to plant your brand firmly in their memory space. This can been done by exposing your brand whenever you get the chance.

Get your brand entrenched in your market’s minds!
Studies are still underway to determine the reasons and methodologies behind why certain bits of information stick in our minds without us even knowing. We have all had that experience of grabbing something in a shop without being consciously aware that we’re doing it! Why? It’s simple – that brand has been entrenched in your mind through marketing.

Seeing that branded truck, printed advert, TV ad and banners all contribute towards planting that brand further into your memory. When you are in ‘buying mode’ you may find yourself being drawn to that brand.

Don’t lock your branding in a cupboard!
Flying Banners, A Frames, Gazebos and Umbrellas also provide you a cost effective tool to get your name out there. Do not buy your branding tools and then lock them in the cupboard for that annual golf day. Let everybody use them!
Yes, be smart! Schools constantly have sporting functions and need shade, there are also fetes and markets in your neighbourhood, there is always a local sporting event etc. Let them use your Gazebo or Umbrella for additional shade and protection and get your name seen – it’s a win-win! Having your branding equipment used regularly is another very cost effective method of getting your name out there.

If you believe in your brand let everyone know about it!